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Who We Are

What we do

6D has been engineering solutions to complex structural and mechanical problems since 2001.

Our team of 15 engineers, Ph.D.s and technicians brings a combined 300 years of mechanical testing and analysis experience while working in industries from rotating machinery, automotive and utilities to off-highway vehicles, rail and aircraft applications.

6D at a glance

Structural dynamics problem solving & design validation

  • Structural fatigue or fracture, durability

  • Vibration, operating deformation shape, modal testing

  • Field testing, anywhere

6D Testing & Analysis

We get answers. 
We work to define the environment in which a product or structure lives. We do validation testing and analysis of a design. And we get to the root cause of mechanical failure issues using experimental testing, FEA analysis and our years of experience.

We have the know-how to sift through mountains of data to pinpoint issues and predict solutions for improved quality and performance. ​

Data acquisition

  • ​Physical measurements – strain, loads, accelerations, etc., often large channel counts (200+ channels)

  • Unattended customer usage definition - reducing “big data” down to “critical few” results

  • Diagnostic testing supporting problem troubleshooting

Finite element analysis (FEA)

  • Close interaction of testing and finite element analysis (FEA) activities for design validation and problem solving