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Qingshi Yu

Qingshi's formal training at Northeast Dianli University in China was in thermo power engineering and heat transfer application. He also worked as a professor at his alma matter for five years before spending nearly a decade as chief engineer at Humen Power Plant in China, where he was assigned to manage and support the LM5000 gas turbine power generators. His experience abroad has included gas turbine repair training in Germany and New Zealand, then several years as a test lab supervisor for Magna Powertrain in Canada, where he  led a team on automobile oil pump developing and testing. More recently he spent a few years at Yancey Bros as a test cell supervisor and test engineer, before staring at 6D in 2011.

Leo (Cody) Carlier
Test Technician
Cody is experienced at many aspects of instrumentation – strain gages, LVDT’s, string pots, accelerometers — along with thermocouple application, calibration. His data logging experience also extends to using Somat eDAQ and National Instruments (NI) cDAQ data recorders. He is also adept at data reduction using NI DIAdem data analysis software and a 6D customer’s proprietary data analysis software.

6D has been engineering solutions to complex structural and mechanical problems since 2001. Our team of 15 engineers, Ph.D.s and technicians brings a combined 300 years of mechanical testing and analysis experience while working in industries from rotating machinery, automotive and utilities to off-highway vehicles, rail and aircraft applications.

Partner Firm

​6D works hand in hand with area engineering companies.

​Integrated Test & Measurement

Steve Biel
Senior Technical Specialist
Stephen is a professional engineer with more than 18 years of design, analysis, testing, and project management experience in the automotive, machine tool and consumer product industries. He is currently the owner of Lever Engineering, which provides engineering and finite element analysis (FEA) expertise to clients in the areas of design, development and testing.

David Olson, PhD
Senior Technical Specialist
In a career spanning more than 35 years, David has focused on design, development, testing and analysis with two multinational corporations. He brings a wide range of experience in analysis and product development to his role with 6D. He has led teams conducting many types of noise analysis – including experimental and empirical – as well as field durability simulation and test instrumentation development. Dave has also worked in the areas of stress, vibration and finite element testing, simulation and analysis.

David O'Brien, PhD
Senior Technical Specialist
David O’Brien’s engineering career spans more than 35 years. During his career, he has focused on testing, data analysis, dynamics, noise control, and program management. He also has 25 years of experience using the technical computing language MATLAB®. 

Rob Vickers
Senior Project Engineer
A 25-year veteran of the engineering industry, Rob has spent the last 15 years dedicated to engineering-related testing. He brings extensive experience in all aspects of managing engineering test projects. In his career, Rob has managed projects for several high-profile companies. Rob has been responsible for managing all phases of these projects, including proposals, test plans, team management, budget management, test execution, and final presentation. He has been involved with projects in the transportation, aerospace, agriculture, and amusement ride markets. Rob's projects include data acquisition, transducer fabrication, engineering design, and customer training.

Garth Wiley
Senior Technical Consultant
Over the past 40 plus years, Garth has led numerous structural dynamic test and finite element analysis projects for the automotive, aerospace, consumer product, electric power, off-highway, and heavy manufacturing industries. He is an expert in structural dynamics design validation and problem-solving through integrating operating testing, modal testing, and finite element analysis disciplines.​ Garth serves as senior project engineer at 6D, where he develops new accounts for 6D’s engineering services business; develops proposals defining technical approach and costing; and manages 6D’s engineering services projects.​ Garth also brings more than a decade of experience in mechanical engineering software product management​.

Mike Carlier
Mike has four decades of project engineering and management experience in engineering services. He started SixDOF Testing & Analysis Inc. in 2001. Prior to 6D, Mike co-founded the engineering testing company Manta Corporation. As co-founder of Manta, he balanced technical and sales activities within a testing and analysis group that included an automotive-targeted joint venture in Detroit, the creation of which he spearheaded in 1996 and managed as a start-up. He also served as the technical director of Manta’s testing programs and pursued strategies for penetration into several testing markets, including off-highway vehicles, metals processing, and machine tool equipment. 

Our expertise in traditional and unattended data acquisition, diagnostic testing, finite element analysis and structural dynamics has helped SixDOF establish a reputation that not only yields a systems-wide approach to problem solving but also a knack for delivering constructive and corrective action steps for clients around the globe.

No matter where you are in the product life cycle process, our team is capable of gathering data to guide design on the front end, validate and improve a design before it goes to market or diagnose and solve problems in existing systems.