6D Testing & Analysis

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Power generation & rotating machinery

Aircraft, including helicopters

Industrial process troubleshooting
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Heavy trucks & automotive
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Mining, construction, logging & agricultural equipment

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Railcar & locomotive testing
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Our experienced technical staff can support your testing activities, whether you need a single technician for a day of strain gaging or a team of technicians and senior engineers for a long-term project. We provide on-site assistance to diagnose or correct problems, or to help in the performance verification of a new product or component design.

Loads & Operating Environment Measurements

Our team will identify and capture the important loads a product sustains, a single channel or a hundred, real-world data for engineering decision making. MORE

Customer Usage Profiling

We will provide you with a window into how customers actually use or abuse your product in its intended setting or customer clinics to acquire lots of data in a short time.

Durability Assessment
Our engineers will evaluate a product's ability to withstand use, assessing risk of production, identifying most-damaging events, comparing design fixes using both experimental & finite element analysis (FEA) technologies.

Structural Dynamics Assessment

Our team will characterize a structure's dynamic behavior for vibration problem solution/validation using both experimental & finite element analysis (FEA) technologies.

Unattended Testing

We will work to gather long-term duty cycle information, capture candid customer usage while reducing testing program costs.

Structural Testing/Lab Simulation
Our engineers will validate structural integrity thru applying real world /design loads and measuring responses via laboratory rig testing supported with finite element analysis (FEA)


Finite Element Analysis (FEA)

We predict structural behavior using a variety of FEA technologies including static stress, dynamic modes, forced response, transient analysis, durability/ fatigue, seismic analysis, bolted joint analysis, welded joint analysis per AWS for systems and complex assemblies.

Hands-On Training

We can work on projects jointly with our customers to provide real world training and technology transfer.